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Among our wide variety of products, some of our main lines of production and stock are all kinds of gears and transmission systems such as spindles, racks, straight cut bevel gears, all types of chain gears, keys, belts, tooth pulleys, pinions, mandrels, pulleys, rollers, etc.

All orders produced are either based on the blueprint drawings supplied by the client or using previously produced parts as a reference.
All our rollers and mandrels are supplied with a titanium or stainless steel coating in order to extend the part's durability.

We specialise in the manufacture of single and multiple precision parts in conformity with our customer's needs. We work from a model or design providing general precision turning, machining and milling, as well as reshaping and restoration of parts, gear and pinion cutting, die tooling and manufacture of mechanical projects. We also provide services of manufacture, reshaping and alteration of machines as per the customer's needs, and supply pulleys, belts, chains, knurled screws, bushings spindle nuts, racks, module pinions, etc.

Our workshop is equipped with highly qualified state of the art technology including machining centres, CNC and milling machines, internal and external cutting machines, small and large mortising machines turning machines, cut-off saws, tangential, surface and cylindrical grinders and hardness testers, to name a few.